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Ecosystem health and chemical mixture risk assessment and management

Various combinations of chemicals are affecting negatively ecosystems. The assessment of the effects of such complex mixtures and the development of adequate policies are still a major challenge. An improved understanding of the joint action of the various types of stressors, in terms of synergistic and antagonistic interactions on biota is necessary. For this purpose, combine mixture chemical determinations on environmental matrices (soil, water, sediment) with ecological evaluations make it possible to evaluate the effects of fluctuating stress intensities and responses at different biological levels (behavioural, genetic, individual and community level). Some recent scientific developments, critical reviews of data and resulting implications for environmental risk assessment and management will be illustrated.

Chair: Anna Barra Caracciolo – IRSA-CNR (Roma)
Anna Barra Caracciolo took her PhD in Ecology in 1995. She is Head of Research at IRSA-CNR. Her current research field is the study of organic contaminant fate with particular regard to the role of the natural microbial community in removing these chemicals (bioremediation) alone or in support to plants (phyto-assisted bioremediation). She is member of the European Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC).

Use of large datasets of measured environmental concentrations for the ecological risk assessment of chemical mixtures in Italian streams: A case study. A. Finizio, P. Grenni, A.B. Petrangeli, A. Barra Caracciolo, S. Santoro, A. Di Guardo

Ecosafe Nano-based solutions for Pollution Monitoring and Control in the Marine Environment. Corsi I, Bellingeri A, Battocchio C., Fiorati A., Venditti I, Punta C.

Assessment of the potential impacts due to the recovery of maritime traffic and touristic activities at Ischia Island (Italy) after the Covid-19 lockdown, through active biomonitoring with Mytilus gallo provincialis. C. Della Torre, S. Villa, C. Rizzi, L. Muscoc, A. Chiarore, A Cannavacciuolo, S. Magni, A. Binelli, M. Munari

Evaluation of the sub-lethal effects of four commercial fungicides used alone or combined on the earthworm Eisenia fetida (Savigny, 1826): laboratory and field investigations. T. Campani, I Caliani, S. Casini

Ecosystems and their services for human well-being

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Landscape Ecology: sustainable landscape management

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